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[Webinar] How to Deal: New Beneficial Ownership Rule

July 30, 2018
[Webinar] How to Deal: New Beneficial Ownership Rule
By Annisea Wong

[UPDATE] This webinar is rescheduled to Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 12 to 1pm ET

Join the Western Bankers Association and Vetter for an interactive webinar to discover new processes that banks can put in place to collect, monitor, and store data at the lowest cost.

WHEN: Thursday, August 30, 2018, 12 to 1pm ET

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With the new beneficial ownership rule, being on top of the changes to the rule can become burdensome and confusing, and bankers need an efficient way to deal with these continuously changing regulations. In this WiBinar, attendees will learn about best practices for collecting and storing data to ensure regulatory compliance for the beneficial ownership rule and more. Identify the most effective ways to collect, monitor, and maintain accurate and compliant customer information.

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