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Piecing the Vetter Puzzle Together for Ultimate Success

February 4, 2019
Piecing the Vetter Puzzle Together for Ultimate Success
By Bryan Adler

We’re often asked how our product lines work together, what’s the benefit, and how does it work for the financial institution. I’ll use this post to shed some light.

Vetter Growth is a powerful marketing tool for you to reach to hundreds of millions of potential customers, both consumers and businesses. We help your financial institution share your portfolio of products to these prospects, from deposits to credit cards to consumer and business products, and even mortgages. Using Growth, you can segment and target specific consumer sets through digital marketing campaigns, generate interest, and then convert them to customers, activating them at the point of excitement. And to make it even easier for you, we’ll provide the tools and landing pages to draw in these customers, leading them to Vetter Deposit.

Vetter Deposit is our onboarding platform, which shortens the data collection process to less than 90 seconds! Using streamlined processes, optical character recognition (OCR) and other technologies (as I mentioned in my prior post), we collect customer information via an application and uploaded documents, like driver’s licenses, to speed the process for your bank or credit union and consumers. There are only a few things consumers will need to manually enter for you to know with certainty whom your customer is. Using tech instead of complete manual entry saves your bank time (and time is money), plus it minimizes the likelihood of data entry errors. We can validate a customer in less than 90 seconds – think how much your customers will love that!

Which leads down the road to Vetter Cash, a rewards program that is free to your financial institution and you can sign up in 15 minutes. Now that the customer is onboarded and has selected the offer you sent to them, it’s time to reward them. Your customers can take advantage of rewards programs to put money back into their pockets. Who wouldn’t like that? You, the financial institution, are now collecting new revenue from these customers (and you like that). Everyone wins.

Your bank or credit union now have a prospect turned customer/member who has been sent relevant information and offers, signed up quickly and painlessly, and is now being rewarded for their decision to go with your financial institution. You’ve gained a loyal customer who’s been delighted from the point of activation and beyond. They’ll keep coming back to your institution for more.

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