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Make Your Website a Critical Member of Your Sales Team

March 18, 2019
Make Your Website a Critical Member of Your Sales Team
By Bryan Adler

Many businesses, including banks and credit unions, think of their websites with a “build it, and they will come” mentality. If only it were that simple.

Entire industries have been built on driving website traffic, and how to effectively use your website as a marketing tool (which it clearly is, among other things). But let’s take a few minutes to consider some tactics to help you be successful in these campaigns.

First, let’s address inbound marketing, or what’s sometimes referred to as opt-in marketing. People are searching for information or answers and choose your website as a resource to find the information. This is different from outbound marketing, such as television ads, billboards or outbound email campaigns. They’re put in front of you – you don’t choose to consume the content.

How do you get people to opt-in to your content? Here are some quick dos and don’ts to help you nudge consumers to choose your website:

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