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Best Practices for Building Converting Landing Pages

February 12, 2019
Best Practices for Building Converting Landing Pages
By Bryan Adler

You’ve built your offers, targeted your audience, built your email campaign, and now you’re done, right? Not quite. At this point, we need to close the deal. The best way to do this online is with a well-built landing page. I know, you’re saying ‘Bryan, I’ll just send them to my website. It’s got all the info, I’ve put tons of effort (and money) into it. It will do the job.’

According to Marketo, 96% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy yet, and according to Econsultancy, only 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates.

An effective landing page will help boost your conversions. Simply put, these are “Calls to Action” for your prospect and should grab attention – activate at the point of excitement! Successful landing pages are simple and targeted to a single action.

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You’ve got tons of information you want to give to the consumer to help make their financial lives easier, but don’t unload everything on them here. Here are some observations from my experience building landing pages that convert:

Keep it simple. Focus on a strong headline, the right graphics, and short, simple messaging. Don’t use a landing page to build or advertise your brand (that’s what your website is for). The landing page is to build trust and engage the consumer.

Engage consumers with specific information about your offer and focus only on that offer. Limit page navigation. You want the customer to act, not leave. Don’t stray from your singular message until they’ve taken action.

Use strong action words, tell the customer what you want them to do. “Click to get started,” is a strong message, especially following the messaging in an email campaign.

Multimedia content is a big deal. The numbers are mind-boggling. According to Unbounce, using video on landing pages increased conversion rates by 80%. To really drive the message home, customer-testimonial videos are perfect. A report by Statista found that more than 50% of customers felt testimonials were extremely or very important. Lead with them.

Ensure your landing pages are mobile-friendly. I can’t stress this one enough. With more than 80% of the public opening emails on their mobile phone (Adobe), you want them to be able to act immediately. If your site isn’t optimized for smartphones, you’ll lose the consumer.

After you’ve built your landing pages, be certain to monitor and analyze results. Then test, re-test and re-evaluate. Keep in mind that you have fewer than 10 seconds to make an impression. Make your landing pages count! Vetter can help – contact us today.

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