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By Vetter's Founder and CEO, Bryan Adler

Holistic Financial Services: The End of the One-Trick Pony

As we reach the midpoint of 2019, we can take a look back on financial trends, and clearly say it’s... READ MORE >

Guiding Customers’ Along Their Financial Journey

Every business is looking to grow their business. It may be acquiring new customers or growing adoption of products throughout... READ MORE >

Piecing Together Your Bank’s Successful Future

If you’ve been following my writing over the last few months, you’ve seen a touch of everything from tech to... READ MORE >

KYC, Easy as 1, 2, 3

I’ve written a bit recently about KYC, Beneficial Ownership, and customer due diligence. With technology touching everything we do, especially... READ MORE >

Agile Methods Help Your Financial Institution Evolve With Consumer Needs

You’ve invested in your infrastructure, updated your services and are now delivering new products to your customers. Awesome. Wait: It’s... READ MORE >

Bankers Must Have Their Heads in the Clouds

You’ve rolled out your mobile banking apps, you’ve migrated all your data into digital files and you’re looking at ways... READ MORE >

Segmenting, Educating Bolster Outbound Marketing Effectiveness

I chuckled at the irony of writing a blog post, one piece of inbound marketing, about outbound marketing, but here... READ MORE >

FinCEN’s Beneficial Ownership Rule Can Be a Boon for Service

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network updated the Beneficial Ownership Rule in May of 2018. Have you done what you... READ MORE >

Banks and Credit Unions Find Numerous Benefits With Optical Content Recognition

Financial services companies and their partners are doing everything we can to improve user experience. Purveyors of technology, banks and... READ MORE >

Serving Small Businesses Grows Your Bank Exponentially

Like many industries today, the financial industry is seeing disruption, near upheaval thanks to the digital revolution. Institutions are changing... READ MORE >

Show Your Bank Is In for the Long Haul: Refinancing Student Loans

It’s quickly getting into that time of year when the weather is warming up, summer plans are being finalized, and... READ MORE >

CDs Are Bringing Sexy Back

CDs, although held by notoriously rate-sensitive consumers, have served financial institutions well when they’re in need of liquidity. They’re great... READ MORE >

Accelerate Your KYC Compliance in Consumers’ Digital World

Are you set up for Knowing Your Customer in the digital world? For the US financial sector, it’s the law.... READ MORE >

Make Your Website a Critical Member of Your Sales Team

Many businesses, including banks and credit unions, think of their websites with a “build it, and they will come” mentality.... READ MORE >

Time to Consider the Emerging Prime Market?

It’s easy to build a business on certainty, but financial institutions are in the business of risk. You want to... READ MORE >

How to Build Invaluable Relationships From Much-Needed Deposits

I’ve been spending a lot of time writing about growing loans and bolstering your institution’s technology-driven delivery channels. I’m changing... READ MORE >

CRA: Making Lemonade From Lemons

It’s not uncommon in my experience to hear bankers complain about Community Reinvestment Act compliance. You have to follow the... READ MORE >

Decrypting Encryption for the Non-Techie

Data and IT security are table stakes in today’s digital world. But for non-techies, what are these certifications and security... READ MORE >

Best Practices for Building Converting Landing Pages

You’ve built your offers, targeted your audience, built your email campaign, and now you’re done, right? Not quite. At this... READ MORE >

Piecing the Vetter Puzzle Together for Ultimate Success

We’re often asked how our product lines work together, what’s the benefit, and how does it work for the financial... READ MORE >

Don’t Overlook This Critical Digital Deus ex Machina

I sat down today, opened my email, and realized I was opening document after document that had been emailed to... READ MORE >

DCI Partners with Vetter to Bring to Community Financial Institutions a Turnkey Strategic Growth Platform with 90-Second Account Opening Capability

New York, NY, January 10, 2019 – Community financial institutions across the country can now expand their reach, grow profitably... READ MORE >

Partner Strategically to Expand Your Horizons

In 2019, what will be your technology path - build it in-house or partner with businesses, like Vetter, that have... READ MORE >

Attract Young Entrepreneurs Where They Are With What They Want

We’re now several weeks into 2019, and digital continues to cause upheaval in the financial industry. Millennials are leading the... READ MORE >

Vetter Among the 10 Startups Chosen to Participate in ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator Program

Little Rock, AR, January 11, 2019 – The Independent Community Bankers of America® and the Venture Center announced on January 9th,... READ MORE >

Digital Dating Game: First Impressions Activate at the Point of Excitement

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression,’ has never held more true than in today’s digital... READ MORE >

6 Must-Read Predictions for Community Financial Institutions in 2019

Community banks and credit unions are often asking me for guidance on their technology strategies moving into the future. Smaller... READ MORE >

Optimizing Value from Your Business Partners

Community banks and credit unions have been slow to partner with fintechs. Some are wary they’re just trying to steal... READ MORE >

Bank Marketing: Words Can Hurt You

Despite what your mother told you growing up, words can hurt you – worse than sticks and stones. Banking is... READ MORE >

Hunting Down Growth Through Digital Innovation

A decade after the Great Recession, EY (rebranded from Ernst & Young) is seeing financial institutions around the world turning... READ MORE >

Inbound and Outbound Marketing Unite for a Winning Lead Generation Program

I’m trying to grow my business. You’re trying to grow your business. We have something valuable to offer. That’s why... READ MORE >

Keeping Your Business Banking Up With the Digital Joneses

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, everyone is looking for ways to better serve their customer bases. Unfortunately, a growing... READ MORE >

All Aboard! Is Your Bank Missing the Boat on Onboarding?

A superb onboarding experience makes a huge impression. On the other hand, I’ve seen and experienced some really bad ones,... READ MORE >

Are Legacy Financial Institutions Capable of Innovating?

The culture of the banking industry isn’t particularly friendly to innovation. Let’s start with that elephant in the room. As... READ MORE >

Join us at the ABA Conference 10/21 – 10/23

We will be at the American Bankers Association Annual Convention held between Sunday, October 21, and Tuesday, October 23. Here... READ MORE >

Technology, Data and Compliance – Oh My!

To be a successful service provider, I must keep up on the trends and what community bankers’ top interests and... READ MORE >

Small Businesses Seek Digital Comfort in the Arms of Megabanks

Most financial institutions’ digital account opening process is behind the times, and that’s even more true for small business accounts.... READ MORE >

Digital Relationship Building Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

What does building a relationship with a bank customer or credit union member really mean? It can mean reducing your... READ MORE >

5 No-Fail Lead Generation Tactics for Banks

One of the top concerns keeping bankers up at night is bringing in new leads to keep the revenue engine... READ MORE >

What Financial Institutions Can Learn From Southwest

As a start-up business leader, I travel a lot. I’m on the road speaking, meeting with clients and highlighting Vetter’s... READ MORE >

[Webinar] Banking Relationships

Join Vetter for an interactive webinar to discover the new paradigm of relationships between community banks and consumers.   Sorry,... READ MORE >

Take a Digital Lesson From the Genius of Tupperware Parties: Affiliate Marketing

Collaboration is the future of business, as we’ve seen in many items we use today, such as iTunes or Amazon.... READ MORE >

Use Technology to Humanize the Digital Experience

When you consider activation at the point of excitement, everyone’s mind goes to Amazon. It has redefined markets, how goods... READ MORE >

Up Your Onboarding Game for True Customer Loyalty

When was the last time you experienced your bank or credit union as a customer? Give it a try. The... READ MORE >

[Webinar] Experience the future of digital lending

Thank you for your interest in this webinar. Its date has already passed, so please provide your contact information to... READ MORE >

Data, Netflix and the Banking Customer Experience

The conversation around the benefits of data analytics, AI and machine learning always centers on how it will improve the... READ MORE >

Take Advantage of Compliance to Provide Better Service

Compliance is a hassle for every financial institution, some more than others, but definitely a matter that must be handled.With... READ MORE >

Mobile-Only Banking Could Leave Community Banks Insignificant

We take a look into how major financial institutions are enhancing their product offering and banking experiences for their customers... READ MORE >

[Webinar] How to Deal: New Beneficial Ownership Rule

[UPDATE] This webinar is rescheduled to Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 12 to 1pm ET Join the Western Bankers Association... READ MORE >

Marketing to the Buyers’ Journey to Activate at the Point of Excitement

As a consumer, you probably don’t think much about the process you go through as you’re making a purchase decision.... READ MORE >

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